Downloading & installing 

From the homepage, click the Get Omniscope button to go to the download page. The correct installer version will be detected automatically, so all you have to do is click the 'Free Download' button and follow the installation instructions that will appear for your operating system. Everything needed will be included and you can launch Omniscope from the Desktop just like any other application. 

Operating Systems supported

Omniscope can be installed and licensed on any Windows PC from Windows 95 onwards (assuming enough memory is available), and on an Apple Mac. Linux computers will be able to run the free Omniscope Viewer as a .jar file (available from the Omniscope Download page) and open existing Omniscope (.IOK) files, with full installation on Linux coming in 2.8+. It is recommended to have at least 1GB memory available for Omniscope to run efficiently, and much more memory may be required to open larger data files.

User installation 

From Omniscope version 2.6 and later, you can install on a Windows PC as a User and won't need to log in as Administrator to install. This means Omnsicope is available for installation within locked down corporate environments without the intervention of IT staff. Omniscope will be available for the installing user, but not for any other user logging into the same PC (they will have to install Omniscope separately). 

Release numbers

Omniscope installations have release numbers that denote major releases with additional features in each new release. In addition Omniscope installations have Build numbers after the release number (e.g. 2.6 b654) that denote minor release updates with bug fixes and minor enhancements. The version and build number you are running appears at the very top of the Omniscope window. Always install the latest build of the latest release to get the best available version of Omniscope. You can just install a new release without uninstalling the previous one - your license will be preserved. You can also roll back to previous releases the same way.

Installing updates

Maintenance releases with bug fixes and minor enhancements are made available free and annual licenses include all upgrades and support for the year. To be notified automatically whenever updates are available, leave the Help > Automatically check for updates ticked (the default setting) and ensure that your firewall does not block access to our servers at port 80.

Free trial of Omniscope Desktop

Omniscope has an automatic 30-day free trial of the full Desktop version, obtained by filling in the registration form that appears after first launching the application. This is limited to one free trial per PC and after the 30 days Omniscope will revert to the free Viewer edition, able to open and navigate existing Omniscope (IOK) files but unable to save changes or create new ones. A license purchased from Visokio can be entered into the Welcome screen to activate the appropriate Omniscope Edition for the period purchased.
No-installation Web Start deployment option

If Omniscope free Viewers cannot be installed by your file recipients, a Java Web Start alternative is provided on the download page right at the bottom of the page. Clicking the 'Launch'  button will download a Web Start version of the free Omniscope Viewer that will launch without installation and will allow the opening of IOK files on the users' PC. The Web Start version does not have a free trial and cannot be upgraded to the Desktop edition. More information on this deployment option is here.