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Featured Videos 

Highlights from the video tutorials and our partners.


Basic Navigation 

An general introduction to Omniscope.  Includes importing, filtering and navigating data, exploring views, creating tabs and sharing files. 

Omniscope 2.6, from the Video Tutorials




DataManager Basics 

An introduction to DataManager, the workspace for data extraction, merging, transformation and delivery.

Omniscope 2.6, from the Video Tutorials




Styling reports 

An guide to rebranding and styling Omniscope files. 

Omniscope 2.6, from the Video Tutorials 




R statistics

An demonstration of using the "R statistics data" operation in Omniscope 2.7 to perform clustering analysis.
Omniscope 2.7, from the Video Tutorials 




Using DataManager 

An introduction to importing and transforming data in the DataManager workspace using the Append, Join/merge, De-pivot and Field Organiser operations. 

Omniscope 2.6

About the author

Ian Hall, Director, Atheon Analytics, who provide Omniscope training and consultancyMore videos



Présentation d'Omniscope 

An introduction to Omniscope in French.

Omniscope 2.7 

About the author

Magali Colin, Avizua, who provide licensing and tailored training sessions in France.