Latest Features

New in Omniscope version 2.9

New Features:

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New Operations:

Geocodinglook up geographic coordinates                               

iGeoliseoverlay travel times on maps 


New formula functions: 

  • UNIX_SECONDS_TO_DATE Converts UNIX seconds to date
  • HTTPREDIRECT(URL) Retrieves the HTTP redirect target
     for a URL, 
    if the server provides one. 

 (see Functions Guide for complete listing)

Added in Omniscope version 2.8

Features Added:

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Operations added:

Database Sourceadded field picker 

Batch Append linksURL source merging feed

Data File Outputfile, URL or cloud

File metadataoutputting metadata

Custom scripts - processing data arrays

Geometric Map buffer - parametric boundries filtering

Formula functions added: 



Added in Omniscope version 2.7 

Features added:

  • Dual-axis Line/Bar View Video 
  • Integration with 'R' analytics packages & scripts                  
  • 32/64-bit browser Web views
  • JavaScript pre-processing
  • View settings copy-paste across tabs & files
  • Minimalist interface styles
  • New dynamic filter options
  • Bulk SOQL Connector for Salesforce/
  • Outlook .PST import
  • Own-branded bundled JAR deployment option
  • Scheduler chain actions failure & timeout alerts
  • Pre-formatted Excel exports

 More detail is here


Operations added:

Normalise operation – using standard scores Video

Translate Text for table contents Video

R Statistics Data & Operations 'round-trips to R' Video

Validate Data - control fields/values Video  

Formula functions added: