Mac installs

Mac installs

Omniscope is available for Mac OS X 10.3 or later.  Requires Java 5 or later, usually already installed.

Both 32 and 64 bit operation is supported by the Mac installer, using 64-bit by default if available.

To get the Mac version of Omniscope, visit the download page and be sure that "Mac OS X" is selected under "Operating System".


Primarily because the Mac has a fundamentally different operating system from Windows PCs, there are some limitations in the current Mac version of Omniscope. 

  • Multiple instances of Omniscope cannot be started, meaning that only one IOK file can be opened at a time.
  • Some Microsoft Office interoperability is not present, such as importing/exporting to/from PowerPoint.


Installation instructions

  1. Once downloaded

    Double-click the VisokioOmniscope.dmg

    The dmg will be verified by Mac OSX automatically on double-click.            
  2. Move into Applications

    Drag Visokio Omniscope icon to Applications

    If you have an older version of Omniscope installed, choose Replace: 

  3. Add to the Dock (optional)

    Open Applications in a Finder window and drag the Visokio Omniscope application icon onto the Dock:

  4. Starting application,

    First time you start Omniscope you may be prompted to verify Visokio Omniscope application, choose Open: