Licensing, Activation and De-activation

Downloading Installer 

The Omniscope installer is the same for all Editions, and is freely downloadable from the download link:

The installer is a freely-redistributable .exe file that can be copied on optical disks and portable drives.  The install contains a perpetual free Viewer, an optional one-month free trial of the Desktop Edition. Once the free trial period is over, unless extendedthe instalation will revert to a perpetual free Viewer, never a need to un-install. Files you and others have created will continue to operate in perpetual free Viewers indefinitely.

Activating Omniscope

To activate the full version of Omniscope, or upgrade a free Viewer installation to Omniscope Desktop or Server Editions, you need to purchase a licence key, which is delivered by e-mail as a string of numbers on the invoice like this: WSE5-544X-X8T5-FB6Q. 

Licensing is on a per-machine, per account basis, usually for one year. Multi-year and perpetual licenses are aso available.

To activate, you must click on Help > Licensing and activation, enter/copy your licence key and restart Omniscope.

Moving activated Omniscope licenses

You can move a license key without assistance, assuming both the old and new machines are online and your firewall is not blocking access to our automatic activations servers located at:

 1.) To de-activate first open the activated Omniscope installation on the old machine by clicking:

Help > Licensing and activation > De-activate.

This installation will now revert to a free Viewer. There is never a need to un-install Omniscope, and un-installing does not de-activate the key on our activation server.
Copy your key into a text editor like Notepad.

2.) To activate a new downloaded installation, i.e. upgrade it from a free Viewer to a Desktop or Server, paste your key into the same menu:

Help > Licensing and activation > Activate.  

Please note that our licensing terms restrict you from moving a key between machines more than 3 times in a year without contacting us if you need further moves.

Licensing Status Details

At any time, you can see the licensing status of your installation by clicking on Help > Licensing and activation.

The Help > About  (or press F3) information screen should also confirm your licensing status, and display your license key. It also reports the version of Java that Omniscope is using, which is usually a private version (PVM) which may be different from other versions of Java on your machine. The Edition you are running should also be displayed on the opening screen every time Omniscope starts.