JAR version (advanced)

JAR version

Omniscope is also available as a standalone executable JAR file, suitable for operating systems without an install package.  You will need Java 5 or later. 

To get the JAR version, please visit the download page and be sure to choose Cross-platform JAR  in the Operating System section of the blue box. 

Once you have downloaded it, please follow these instructions for launching from the command line

The same JAR file is used via Java Web Start when launching Omniscope Online.


The JAR file is not installed and cannot be activated.  It provides viewing-only capabilities for existing IOK files.

Since the JAR file is cross-platform, the following platform-specific functionality is missing:

  • Importing/exporting data into Omniscope other than opening IOK files
  • Excel/PowerPoint interoperability such as exporting PPTs
  • Exporting PDFs
  • Web view (NB. from 2.8, you can build custom JARs with the Web view included)
  • Embedded demo files