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Omniscope licensing terms and full-text agreements

Free Viewers are available to all and are perpetual, self-updating free licenses. Activated editions of Omniscope are typically licensed on an annual basis, although multi-year licenses and perpetually-licensed bundles are available. License fees for activated licenses include activation support, all updates and key insurance for the duration of the license. Perpetual licenses also require mandatory annual software support payments calculated based on the original up-front licensing payment. Software support payments on perpetual keys are NOT optional and must be kept current to maintain connectivity with our support servers for updates and refresh of subsequent versions, ability to move installations via de-activation/re-activation and replacement key insurance if machines or hard drives fail, are stolen etc.

Omniscope licensing is per-machine, per-account. Installations must be activated while logged into the account to be used with the activated Omniscope. Unless the key has been enabled for system-wide activation, if Omniscope is activated from a System Admin account, the installation will be activated only in that Administrator account, and will revert to a free Viewer in all other user accounts. Server Editions running continuous automation processes on always-on 24/7 servers should be activated using accounts that do not logout. Centralised shatred-server environments like Citrix still require per-account activation. Activation/de-activation while running on-demand provisioned 'cloud' servers is allowed, but requires at least one principal Server license and optional spare keys (priced as Desktops) for each virtual server operating concurrently.

Omniscope keys can be de-activated on one machine and moved to another, but licensees may do this unassisted only three times, after which you will need to contact us to help you move/re-activate the key. Please note that users and IT support staff must always de-activate Omniscope and recover the key before re-building a machine or re-formatting the hard drive. Un-installing Omniscope is never required and does not de-activate the key on our servers. De-activated Omniscope installations revert to perpetual free Viewers.

The standard Omniscope End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) contains a restriction in Section 2 regarding external distribution or publishing of Omniscope IOK files for commercial purposes. Provided a Commercial rather than Non-commercial key is being used, this restriction does not affect client-specific reporting incidental to an advisory or consulting relationship, for example, an advertising agency delivering client-specific data to only the relevent client is not subject to this restriction, which relates only to generalised sale of data as feeds in Omniscope IOK format. If you are a data feed publisher who intends to distribute and refresh Omniscope files to large numbers of subscribing organisations that are paying only for substantially the same data being delivered to all subscribers, a separate Commercial Publishing License may be required to amend your standard EULA and remove the restriction on external commercial publishing via the free Viewer. Omniscope Server installations that are  fully-licensed for unlimited commercial publishing of data feeds use different keys that add explicit notices to files that can enable selected free Viewer features. 

Software support is supplied according to the terms of our Software Support Agreement. Click to see a full listing of licensed 3rd-party software included in Omniscope.

Omniscope Restricted End Use Licenses - Commercial & Non-Commercial EULA

Allows all internal use and either non-commercial or commercial distribution/publishing of IOK files

The standard Omniscope End User License Agreement (EULA) is a restricted publishing license that grants rights to use the software, with regular updates and support, for unlimited internal or external file distribution.  The standard EULA permits external distribution of Omniscope files for non-commercial purposes using Non-Commercial licenses. A Commercial license is required for profit-making uses such as distribution of regular reporting files to clients even where payment is for services other than hosting & delivery of data in IOK format. All IOK files created by restricted end-use Non-Commercial licensed installations display the notice "not for commercial publishing" on the files created.

Downloadable full texts of Software Licenses and Support Agreement

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Standard Restricted EULA

 Standard Restricted EULA

Software Support Agreement

 Software Support Agreement



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