Function list

Functions list

Choosing functions to include in formulae

Omniscope contains an extensive list of standard and specialised functions you can use to define Formula fields. In addition to the standard functions (with the same syntax) found in spreadsheets like Excel, Omniscope also contains a library of powerful DATASET functions that operate on one or more columns and can define the subset of data for which calculations should be be done based on values in other columns.

In the Formula Editor, choose Functions list to see the following dialog.  

Each function is documented briefly in the functions list. For online documentation of available functions, including more detailed documentation of Omniscope-specific functions such as SUBSET(), consult our Functions Guide.



If you have questions about how to define formulae for specific tasks, consult the KnowledgeBase Useful Formulae section. If you would like to propose additional functions you would find helpful, please post your ideas in the Forums page.