Advertising Options

Advertising Options

Generate advertising revenue from your files

Placement Ads display via Web Views on tabs

Omniscope Web Views can be used to display context-sensitive notices or adverts on tabs within files, assuming the user is online. This can be used to generate analytics data on usage of each tab.

Banner adverts placed in file margins

Omniscope Professional and Enterprise Editions allow you to create Omniscope files that display banner adverts with live links to the advertiser on each page. The banner adverts can be positioned at the top, right, left or bottom of the display. Currently, you can specify only one banner image per file (rather than per page), and one link per image, although this will change in future versions.

In general, rectangular images look best, such as typical full-width banner ads, displayed either vertically at the sides:




... or horizontally at the top or bottom: