Direct Activation

Direct Activation & Deactivation

Activating, upgrading and moving Omniscope

If you have a license key to upgrade from the free Viewer to Omniscope Desktop or Server , or you are upgrading from Destop to Server, you must click on Help > Licensing and activation to either activate (a new install), refresh your activation (version upgrades), or de-activate prior to re-building your machine or moving the activated license to another machine, leaving behind a free Viewer. 

Note: Your licensing terms restrict you from moving a key between machines more than 3 times without contacting us to discuss why you need to move it so much.

help product license and activation 

Online Activation

Start your free Viewer or the 30 day free trial Omniscope from the desktop icon or the Start menu. Click Help > Check for Software Updates Now to ensure you have the latest version installed. Once you have installed the latest version, click on Help > Licensing and Activation... and then enter your license key in the space provided.

The Activation wizard will prompt you to enter your license key, which is a string of numbers like this:


Contact us in order to obtain a license key.


Enter the license key and click Activate. Omniscope will then try to activate and you should see the following dialog while it connects to the Visokio activation server.



Software upgrade dialog activation in progress


You should then see an activation success confirmation like the one below. Clicking on the Close will close the Omniscope application and you will need to restart Omniscope in order for activation changes to take effect.


activation success


At any time, you can see the licensing status of your installation by clicking on Help > Licensing and activation... and you will be shown the following screen.

license management dialogabout dialog

The Help > About  (or press F3) information screen should also confirm your licensing status, and display your license key. The Edition you are running should also be displayed on the opening screen every time Omniscope starts. The Help > About (or press F3) screen also reports the version of Java that Omniscope is using, which is usually a private version different from other versions of Java on your machine. For more information on Java, see our KnowledgeBase.

If you cannot activate automatically

If you see an error message relating to connectivity with our server, check to see that you are online, and revisit the Proxy Server settings if you are behind a Proxy Server. In order to use automatic online activation, you must be online in a location that does not block access to our servers at on port 80.

If for whatever reason automatic online activation fails, you will be invited to use browser-based activation.