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Visokio, founded in 2002, are the developers of Omniscope, an innovative general-purpose data integration, transformation, visualisation, analysis and publishing/presentation end-user oriented tool that breaks new ground in power and accessibility.  Download free trial   Demos & screenshots   

Omniscope 1.0 was released in January 2005 and since then has been used by a wide range of blue-chip clients and bundled with the data services and solutions of a variety of partners. In version 2.6 Visokio launched a ground-breaking DataManager visual drag-and-drop transformation/ETL workspace, adding powerful end-user data integration and transformation capability to its multi-tab, multi-view DataExplorer dashboard reporting/presentation interface. Version 2.7 added support for custom JavaScript and 'round-trip' integration with R for analytics in the context of an organisational workflow. Version 2.8 added several new view-types and more cloud connectors. Version 2.9 added the option to host and deploy HTML5/JavaScript browser versions of interactive visualisations for devices that do not support Java, such as iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks. 

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We're hiring! Visokio are always looking out for the very best "born programmers" to join our talented and focused agile team, working on exciting new projects in modern technologies and on today's devices, in the area of data processing, analytics, visualisation and reporting.

We currently have a number of permanent positions at highly competitive salaries. Candidates must be fluent English speakers and excellent communicators, with a strong educational background. All current positions are in London and require scans of passports and UK work visas where relevant.

Apply now by sending your CV and work examples to

Senior Core/Server-side Java Developer/Architect 

Essential: 5+ years commercial Java development experience. Guru-level at Java core, networking, collections, algorithms, multithreading/concurrency/parallelism.  

Useful skills: SQL, R, HTML5, JavaScript, Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Hive, NoSQL, distributed computing, data analysis, statistical processing, internet protocols.  

Applications must include demonstrative code samples as a minimum. We have several positions at this level, plus at least one intermediate position with scaled-down requirements.

Senior HTML5/Javascript Application Programmer

Essential: 5+ years commercial JavaScript, architecting and developing large scale applications. Guru level at HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and Canvas. Object-oriented programming, design patterns, best practices.  A natural UI design instinct.

Useful skills:  Single-page / desktop-feel application architecture, as might be found in an HTML5 game.  Java, Google Closure, Big Data technologies, usability/UX.

Applications must include demonstrative working code samples in jsfiddle and a portfolio of rich interactive web applications. We have several positions at this level, plus at least one intermediate position with scaled-down requirements.

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For support and feedback please use the Forums which are actively monitored.  Also consult the Support page for other support, learning and training options.

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