Omniscope IOK files

Omniscope IOK files

Delivering data in highly-visual, interactive Omniscope format

Omniscope IOK files are the simplest and most effective way to deploy your data; more visual, interactive and re-usable than trying to share/deliver data in spreadsheet/and XLS files or closed, 'cul-de-sac' formats like browser-page tables, or static PDF or PPT files. Very compact (much smallerthan equivalent XLS/CSV files contining the same data) Omniscope IOK files can be saved to shared folders, exchanged via e-mail, or posted for download on intranet/extranet web pages. They can be accessed by others with the free Omniscope Viewer or using zero-footprint, temporoary Web Start install Omniscope Online.

Omniscope IOK* files:

  • Contain your data, highly compressed
  • Contain your settings (view configurations, etc.)
  • Open as they were saved (with the same tab showing, same views, and same filters)
  • Can be branded and customised, with cover pages, help guides, corporate logos and colour schemes
  • Can be secured using a password, locked against export (protecting your data), and time-limited
  • Can be explored and filtered for free using Omniscope Viewer.

*Note: Workgroup editions of Omniscope produce IOM files, rather than IOK files.  The files are the same, except for the last point, i.e. IOM files cannot be opened in the free Omniscope Viewer.

Compatibility between different versions of Omniscope

At Visokio, we take compatibility seriously, since if you are publishing your reports in IOK format you need the confidence they will open showing the views as you configured them, regardless of which version of Omniscope your audience have.

Backwards compatibility

This refers to the case where you have created an IOK file in an older version of Omniscope (such as 2.3) and are opening it in a more recent version (such as 2.5).

We provide 100% backwards compatibility.  Files saved in earlier versions will open successfully in newer versions of Omniscope.

Furthermore, IOK files created by older versions of Omniscope are guaranteed to open exactly as saved in newer versions of Omniscope, with minor exceptions.  For example, if you created an IOK file using Omniscope 2.3, and opened it in Omniscope 2.5, it would have the same configuration of views. 

However, because Omniscope is not a document editing application but an interactive data visualisation environment, we cannot guarantee files saved in older versions will look exactly the same in newer versions.  While we guarantee you will have the same configured data visualisations (for example, fields used for graph axis), buttons and toolbars may appear differently.

Additionally, Visokio may develop new views or ways of interacting with your data that replace older mechanisms.  When this happens, Omniscope will provide the equivalent configuration of the new views.  For example, if you created an IOK file using the Tree view in Omniscope 2.4 to show your family tree, when opened in 2.5, the same tree configuration would be shown but using the new Network view.

Forwards compatibility

This refers to the case where you have created an IOK file in a newer version of Omniscope (such as 2.5) and are opening it in an older version (such as 2.3).

We provide 100% forwards compatibility, providing the IOK file does not utilise certain new features unavailable in the older version.  Files saved in newer versions not using new functionality will open successfully in older versions of Omniscope.

If your file uses new functionality from the newer version of Omniscope, this will either cause the file to open with a safely downgraded experience in the older version, or cause the recipient to be prompted that they need to upgrade the software to open the file.  For example, if your file uses the new Content view from Omniscope 2.5+, it will open in Omniscope 2.3 with an alternative view.  But if your file uses a new file format option or security setting, such as the server time check introduced in 2.5, you will be unable to open this file in earlier versions, and will be prompted to upgrade to a given version.

You can tell what version of Omniscope is required to open an IOK file, below which you are not permitted to open the file, by visiting the About File dialog (File menu > About this file). This dialog also gives the reason for this restriction (for example, you have chosen to strongly compress your data, an option introduced to the Save dialog in Omniscope 2.3).

Minimum versions of Omniscope by feature

Most new functionality does not require the user to upgrade Omniscope, since a downgraded experience is provided.  The following table lists features that were introduced that do require a minimum version of Omniscope:

Feature Minimum Omniscope version
Multi-report multi-table IOX projects (not downgradeable)3.0 
Comments in formulae
Server-checked time limits
Strong compression2.3
IOM files
Everything else 1.3