Admin Web Server

Admin Web Server

Monitor and record activities of your Server Edition 

The Admin(istrative) Web Server is part of all Omniscope Server Editions, and is a separate, lightweight web server typically for internal use by a system administrator, showing diagnostics, errors, logs and status for server Edition processes.

Admin Web Server Settings

The Configuration button launches a menu of options:


Enable server: Configures whether or not the Admin Server starts automatically.

Admin credentials: For setting the username and password used to access the Admin server.  

This is the first step to being able to access log files etc.:


Listening address: As per Omniscope Web Server.

HTTP: As per Omniscope Web Server.

HTTP listening port: As per Omniscope Web Server.

HTTPS: As per Omniscope Web Server.

HTTPS listening port: As per Omniscope Web Server.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS: As per Omniscope Web Server.

SSL configuration: As per Omniscope Web Server.

Troubleshooting - Common Issues

Always check the Forum  to see if your issue is addressed there.  This link will access all posts tagged "Omniscope Admin Web Server": Admin Web Server