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Outputs: Automatic daily PDF export using Server Edition? - Visokio Forums
Outputs: Automatic daily PDF export using Server Edition?
  •     enrico68 December 12, 2012 7:16AM
    Hi - We have already purchased Omniscope Desktop Edition but we now have questions about Server Edition.

    We would like to know if using Server Edition it is possible to automate the production of a PDF using a batch procedure?

    If it is the case, is it also possible to set the values of filters, variables and parameters in the same automatic batch procedure for PDF production?

    For example, if we have to produce a PDF with daily information, is it possible to change automatically the filtering reference date?

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  •     tjbate December 13, 2012 12:50PM
    Enrico - Yes, the Server Edition includes unlimited Batch Publishing and will permit you to automate generation of personalised (or daily) PDF files for delivery. In the Batch Configuration IOK file each row is a report to be delivered and you can specify any number of fully configured (but empty) template files into which pre-defined data (sub)sets will injected just prior to delivery. In the Batch Configuration file, you define row and column filters for each recipient, such that only a personalised subset of rows and/or columns will be injected into each empty IOK template.

    If you include calculated formula fields in the master data set using functions like the TODAY function on timestamps, then it is relatively easy to add test formula fields like [Today?] that return values of either "true" or "false". These can then be used as filtering criteria, i.e. to define the published subsets each day using filter settings or Named Queries like [TODAY?]="true"


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