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Create custom groups in Omniscope
  •     paola June 22, 2016 11:34AM
    When faced with situation that one record can belong to the multiple groups, the challenge is how to visualise, compare and present the data, without double-counting or exclusion.
    In Omniscope, each cell can contain multiple values, that can be independently queried, grouped, used for calculation or visualised. The feature is called tokenisation and you can select it in different locations:
    • Data Manager>Field organiser>Field options
    • Data Manager > Tokenise block, see video
    • Data>Manage fields > Field options >tokenised
    • Data Explorer > Table view> right-click on the Field name >field options > tokenised

    Here are few ideas how to visualise a similar scenario. Probably the best way to visualise multi-group belonging is the Venn view, which can be connected to other views to create an interactive story… Network view can also be useful - see the attached iok file.


    Network view is showing double- hierarchy:


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