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Idea: Batch Publishing: Optimising for high publishing volumes? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Batch Publishing: Optimising for high publishing volumes?
  • VoteVote Up2Vote Down Alexander     Alexander June 10, 2015 10:39AM
    Hi all,

    We publish a lot of PDF files, but as the number of PDF files we have to generate is growing we are investigating the best way to publish 100+ PDF files.

    When using a batch output to generate 100 PDF files, Omniscope opens the template file 100 times, that also means the data is loaded 100 times and 100 times a PDF is generated.

    As the opening of the template file and loading of the data takes almost a minute per file, we would like to speed up the proces. If we could keep the template file open (with the data loaded) then omniscope could generate the same 100 pdf files is less time.

    Is this yet possible or is there a good workaround?

    Please advice!


  •     tjbate June 12, 2015 10:13AM
    Alex - Is it the case that the data set to be injected into the specified Template IOK file is always different, maybe because of personalised parametric SQL queries, or is it the case that a different Template IOK file is entered in each row of the Batch Control File to define the (personalised) look of each PDF file to be output/delivered, or is it that both data set and Template IOK are the same and there are 100 different recipient addresses to receive the PDF output, or are both the data sets and Template IOK files different by recipient?
  •     Mees June 12, 2015 6:00PM
    Hi Thom, thanks for replying

    To answer your question, I try to describe the situation.
    One client, 100 stores. We need to create a pdf page per store. So 100 pages.
    Stores are grouped per region (north, south etc), so we aim at a PDF file per region to keep the file size reasonable.

    For all stores the same iok template is used, but populated with the data that belongs to the specific store.

    Example: Region A, 20 stores. We load the data in Data Manager to generate the 20 pages, preferably without launching Omniscope 20 times (like it works now). Keep it open and publish the 20 pages and integrate them into one file.

    Does this help?
  •     tjbate June 15, 2015 8:27AM
    Alex - Unfortunately, if you are outputting PDF instead of IOK, Omniscope needs to load the data into a separate Template IOK each time a PDF is produced, either according to rows in the the Batch Control File, or even if you specify 20 or 100 PDF File Output blocks.

    Omniscope doessupport specifying single tabs to be output from a multi-tab Template IOK file, but the PDF Output block(s) in a file that has been formatted with say, 20 tabs must still load the referenced Template IOK each time to produce each PDF from a single tab.

    The process is totally automated, so if one Server is not enough to meet peak load demand, you could use a spare Server to add more peak load capacity and divide the regions between the 2 Servers.

    I have converted this to an Idea.


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