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Bar/Line View: Showing & labelling differences? - Visokio Forums
Bar/Line View: Showing & labelling differences?
  •     dpawley May 21, 2015 4:42AM

    I wonder if anyone has come across this? To make charts more engaging to an audience, I want to spell out the message to them. So I have some data that has 2015 vs 2014, and what I want to do is have a label within these bars showing the values - easy enough.

    Where I get stuck though is trying to show a Variance/Difference formula value that shows the difference between the 2 bars in the chart.

    Attached is an image of my chart (with no labels). In summary, I don't want to show the difference formula purple bar, but I do want to show it's value in between the green and blue bars.

    Any help would be great, if this is not possible than maybe an idea in the future as most dashboards I see have this as a view.


    Difference Chart.JPG 43K
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  •     paola May 22, 2015 2:29PM
    Will depend on your data orientation, but you could use stacking, so blue (new sales) + purple bar (difference) add up to green bar. You could use cascade option to spread the bars out and highlight the difference bar.
    Would this work?


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