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Display: Display two tables with different groupings expanded? - Visokio Forums
Display: Display two tables with different groupings expanded?
  •     enrico68 January 21, 2015 4:16AM
    I'd like to repot a strange problem with grouped tables. I created the table indicated in Fig.1 of the attached file.
    Since expanding all categories will result in a wide table difficult to be read when printed, I created, copying the first one, a second table equal to the first one as indicated in Figure 2.

    The idea was to expand some of the groups on the first table and the others on the second table (in this way in both tables it is possible to read the total of each category - expanded or not - and the overall total).

    Unfortunately it seems almost impossible to do this because when I choose the groups to expand on the first table, these are expanded also on the second one and when I change the expanded groups on the second table, these are expanded also on the first one.

    The only way I was able to obtain two tables with different expanded groups was to change the order of the columns in one of the tables (as reported in fig.3 and fig.4). But if I return the copied table columns in the same order of the original table, the order 'magically' change again and the table return equals. Also changing the order of the original table as in the copied table, results in a grouping change.

    So the question is: how to get two equal independent tables in one Omniscope .iok?
    Figure 1.docx 665K
  •     tjbate January 21, 2015 5:12AM
    Enrico - Why not use two separate adjacent Table Views on the same tab? You can hide all the toolbars and use a white margin background so they look seamless.

    The grouping expansion/collapse on two separate Table Views should be independent?

    Also, what brushing settings are you using? (Settings {This tab} > Brushing )
  •     enrico68 January 21, 2015 5:23AM

    I'd like to use two tabs because I have to print them on two different sheets of a PDF file.

    About brushing: selection brushing is checked and filters brushing is not checked.
    I tried to deselect selection brushing but nothing changed.

    The two tables seems to be connected in some way.
  •     enrico68 February 2, 2015 5:07AM
    We found a workaround to the problem above reported.
    It's sufficient to create in the second tab a copy of the table (the one created by copying the original one) and delete the original table in the same tab.
    In this way the remaining table in the second tab is completely disconnected from the table in the first tab and different groups can be expanded.


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