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Parameters: On-demand parametric data set delivery
  •     Veaceslav December 12, 2014 6:55AM

    Generate custom dashboards on demand


    You have an Omniscope server (2.9 or higher) installed and publicly available at

    In addition, you have another web server (Apache, Jetty, etc) providing services or any useful information to your customers/users. For the purpose of this post I'll consider that you have an apache web server at, even though you can achieve this with most web servers.

    On a particular page on your Apache web server you have a list of links that you want to open different dashboards based on some particular parameter (e.g. user id)
    A link might look like this:

    Clicking that link the user should see a dashboard page having data that concerns him/her, the dashboard would be generated on the fly.

    You have a dashboard/IOK file configured to load data from a particular SQL database.

    You want to load data that matches a parameter for a particular user. E.g.
    SELECT * FROM [dbo].[bigtable] WHERE [somefield]={{Userid}}


    IOK File

    1. Open the IOK file, DataManager tab and add a parameter. E.g. Name: Userid, Type: Fixed value, Data type: Integer, Value: 3

    2. Open database source block and add your custom SQL query. E.g.
    SELECT * FROM [dbo].[bigtable] WHERE [Liq Cat]={{Userid}}

    3. Save your file


    Your apache web server

    1. Implement a request handler to deal with your special GET requests and read user id value. The server will not send a response unless all next steps finish executing (either successfully or not)

    2. Generate an action file (e.g. Action.xml) that:
    • Sets data manager parameter value (for Userid parameter)
    • Refreshes from source, this sub-action will execute the SQL query again and load records matching the new user id
    • Save IOK file to a new unique location in mobile folder. E.g. mobile/custom-dashboards/12345.iok

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <schedulerFileAction source="/location-of-your-iok-file/file.iok" logTimings="false">
    <schedulerFileActionSetDataManagerParameterValue parameterName="Userid">
    <manualparambinding type="INTEGER" publishedPublicly="false">
    <v type="java.lang.Long" value="5" />
    <schedulerFileActionRefreshFromSource clearCacheBefore="true" clearCacheAfter="true" failOnError="false" />
    <schedulerFileActionSaveIok location="/location-of-our-new-dashboard/12345.iok" />

    3. Execute the new action
    E.g. On windows (same parameters on Linux -executeAction /some-path/Action.xml)
    OmniscopeEnterprise.exe -executeAction "some-path\Action.xml"

    4. Once the scheduler action is executed successfully, your Apache web server will return a redirect response to the client

    The client/browser will be redirected to

    You may want to set up a proper back-end configuration, hardware load balancer + software load balancer, caching requests, etc. Also, you may want to make sure your paths are randomly generated, to prevent other users from viewing other dashboards.
    param-1.png 40K
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