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Export: Enable Export View Data from browser-deployed HTML
  •     paola October 1, 2014 6:19AM
    If your report recipients are using web interface to view HTML5 version Omniscope reports and dashboards, they will be still be able to export view data (similar to export from the locally-installed Omniscope installation).

    This option can be enabled from Desktop Edition or from the Server interface.

    Desktop steps:
    Settings>Web sharing>Edit client settings>Server settings Edit>Export view data

    Server steps:
    From the Omniscope Web Server Services screen>Config>Permissions>Default Folder Config> Anonymous permissions>Export view data

    This option will enable all recipients to export data from their browser. If you wish to customise this further and enable it only for certain groups of users, please create Groups settings (as per image).

    ExportDataMobile.jpg 164K
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  •     steve December 1, 2014 10:22AM
    Note, by default this exports in Unicode CSV format. To export in Excel format, with a branded template XLSX file, see

    CSVs created are in Unicode format, so are suitable for worldwide use with non-western characters. The formatting characters will match the server's locale, so if you have a French server, you will see semicolons instead of commas separating the cells, and a comma as a decimal point.

    If you see strange characters (such as "Â") when you open the CSV in Excel, this is because Excel is treating the file as a Windows text encoding. You should import it as a Unicode CSV instead (Data > Get External Data > From Text, choose CSV, File origin: "65001 Unicode (UTF-8)"), or configure the server to export in XLSX format via the link above.


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