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Security: Locking Mobile in Viewer-only mode (Version 3.0) - Visokio Forums
Security: Locking Mobile in Viewer-only mode (Version 3.0)
  •     mustafa June 9, 2014 7:01AM
    In the latest version of Omniscope 2.9 we have added the ability to control if the file when viewed in Mobile is configured in "Viewer" or "Configuration" mode.

    Features always available

    • Ability to filter individual devices.
    • Ability to change the tab.
    • Ability to do selection.
    • Ability to use Map view controls.
    • Ability to use Data titles (if shown) to change i.e. Split by in Bar view.

    Features disabled in Viewer mode

    • Ability to show/hide filters.
    • Ability to show/hide maximise button.
    • Ability to show/hide view menus.
    • Ability to edit tab layout (design mode) i.e. for adding/removing views.

    How to restrict to Viewer mode

    Viewer mode restrictions are applied when the "File management" permission is disabled in the Mobile Web server config.

    In this screen, anonymous access is configured to allow file management and thus "configuration" mode:

    view-mode.png 24K
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  •     steve July 2, 2014 6:30AM
    Please note, this post relates to an early alpha of Omniscope 2.9. Since the Beta launch, we have removed support for "configuration" mode - all user sessions will be in "viewer" mode, until version 3.0 arrives.
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