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Export: Outputting a View in PDF - Scrolling Tab
  • scfitzge February 20, 2014 2:59PM
    I am trying to export a view to PDF. The view is long and requires scrolling within the Omniscope View pane. However, I can only see the exported first "page" of the view in the PDF.

    I tried going to a 'Multi-Page Document' view but that isn't working for me ... it only shows the first two rows. Appreciate any help.
  •     tjbate February 20, 2014 3:17PM
    Fitz - This is the difference between a static document like PDF and a dynamic IOK file you can deliver in the free Viewer. Converting from interactive IOK to static PDF is WYSIWYG..."what you see is what you get (as an image) on the exported PDF page.

    There is currently no way to 'paginate' a scrolling Omniscope view to spread it out over multiple pages of a static document format like PDF. You can lay out a portrait, multi-page PDF, but as you have seen this does not 'paginate' the inside scope of the views any more than the landscape PDF layout does.

    Out of curiosity, why do you need to export to PDF.....there is a free Viewer for Omniscope just like the Acrobat Reader for PDF. There are also other deployment options for IOK files and viewers like Web Start and Custom JAR...none of which require the recipient to install anything....why take portable, interactive IOK files and make it static PDF?
  • scfitzge February 20, 2014 3:22PM
    Great question - I need to print a nice copy for a client. Even when I try to print straight from the viewer, it only prints the top of the view.
  •     tjbate February 22, 2014 12:42PM
    I see....well, as you have found, printing interactive IOK files with scrolling in views as static PDF is not the answer either....

    If your Report IOK features, for example. a Table View with too many rows to be visible when printed, you must first eliminate the scrolling within each view by defining queries that effectively divide the full dataset into as many fully-visible paginated subsets, spread across as many different tabs as you need to make all the rows to be printed visible with no scrolling on any tabs.

    This can be done by adding a hidden Category field called say, [Pagination] populated with cut-paste values like 'Page One', 'Page Two' etc.; then defining persistent Queries for each page and setting the Subset drop-down on each view in each tab to be just one paginated row subset at a time. You can also use dynamic formulae to display the singleton "Page One" up to "Page N" values anywhere on each tab, using the Content View.

    You always have the option of outputting a version of the full IOK data set as Excel, and then printing (or letting the recipient print) the full tabular data set from Excel.

    If you have Server/ can enable the delivered IOK file for output to Excel by your recipients from the free Viewer, thereby allowing them to export the full row set to Excel and print the entire un-filtered data set...


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