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New: Connectors-iGeolise Travel Time (2.9+) - Visokio Forums
New: Connectors-iGeolise Travel Time (2.9+)
  •     richard January 28, 2014 11:29AM
    In Omniscope 2.9 (b820+) we have added an iGeolise Travel Time connector. This connector is available as an operation in DataManager and contains three services:

    • Time Maps

      Create isochrone shapes showing the area around an origin which can be reached in a given time period and using a specified mode of transport.


    • Routing

      Retrieve directions for your journeys. Configurable options include the start or arrival date/time and a mode of transport,


    • Rank Points

      Upload a collection of origin and destination points along with a mode of transport and maximum journey time. Travel Time will return only the destinations which can be reached in the given time period along with the distance and time taken to reach the location.


    The DataManager block contains a link to iGeolise Travel Time's sign up page where you can create an account.

    Please let us know if you encounter any problems or have any questions.
  • PaulAllison June 20, 2017 11:15AM
    Hi - does this connector still work? The website it redirects to for account registration doesn't seem to be maintained, but it was able to provide a key and application ID. I've still to get the connector to return any data as it seems to time out, and was hoping someone could confirm if they have used it recently.

    The iGeolise product & website may have been migrated to under the same firm, but this makes no mention of Omniscope support.
  •     paola June 28, 2017 9:56AM
    We are in contact with IGeolise and will check the status of the API.


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