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Scheduler: Empty DataManager after scheduling
  •     enrico68 June 7, 2013 4:34AM

    About one week ago we started to schedule automatic refresh of our .iok files using the Scheduler as windows service.
    This morning it is the second time that after scheduling we find DataManager completely empty (as reported in the attached document). It happens only with one file (the one reported in the attached document).

    Sincerely, the first time (few days ago) I though I've cancelled everything by mistake .... but after today I do not think so anymore.

    From the generated log file it's possible to see that between opening and saving of this file no refresh is reported.

    Executing action Catena di azioni...
    Opening "\\\decacli\OmniScope\Marketing\Marketing - giornaliero raccolta v2013.iok"
    Saved to "\\\decacli\OmniScope\Marketing\Marketing - giornaliero raccolta v2013.iok"

    I attach a doc file with scheduling configuration, log generated and some .iok file specification.
  •     steve June 7, 2013 6:13AM
    If you open and save an IOK file in a version or license of Omniscope which doesn't include DataManager, you will lose the DataManager workspace.

    For example, opening and saving in Omniscope 2.5, or in the deprecated "Professional" edition of Omniscope.

    If you have users in this situation, we suggest you restrict access to the master IOK files, and/or upgrade to Desktop licenses of Omniscope 2.8.
  •     enrico68 June 7, 2013 6:21AM

    Our users use 'not licensed' (free) Omniscope 2.7 for viewing .iok files.

    Since we update and enable our .iok files from ServerPlus Edition (2.7), they have the possibility to save .iok files (to save their current filters configurations, for example).

    Is there a way for users to save files without losing DataManager configuration?

  •     tjbate June 7, 2013 8:25AM
    Enrico - Since you have a ServerPlus license, you can enable the IOK files to be re-saved with changed text comments (like PowerPoint) using only a free Viewer, but the DataManager history for refreshing the file will always be lost, since the IOK file was last saved using a free Viewer. The files saved by the free Viewer are snapshots in time with only text commentary changed/added, and are not intended to be refreshed, since new data might invalidate the changed comments, for example.

    IF the person making changes to the IOK file needs those changes to be persistent, and survive each subsequent refresh, then they should make the changes on the central, refreshable server-based copy using an activated Desktop Edition, since they are now authoring a chain of future reports, not just a snapshot at one point in time.
  •     enrico68 June 7, 2013 8:56AM

    I understood your last message but I think that there is a risk involved in permitting the users to save .iok file with viewers, also only as snapshot.

    In saving files with viewers, users can inadvertently loose Data Manager. So it seems to me that the only way to be safe, is to give users only copies of the (master) refreshed files, that will be updated every time refresh will be performed (and let the users work only on this copy).

    Please, feel free to give us suggestion on which is the best and safest way to publish .iok files to users.


  •     tjbate June 9, 2013 10:56AM
    Enrico - Please consult the suggested multi-file reference architecture documents posted.
    These documents explain the recommended flow of data through many files with different roles.

    All distributed Report IOK files should be copies of the server-side Master Report IOK file. If you owner-lock the distributed copies of these files, then no one can save or change them, but even if they did, it should not make any difference since it is only the server-side Master Report IOK that drives refresh of all outstanding copies.

    There should never be a 'loop' where you are distributing a Report IOK file to someone with a free Viewer, and that user is saving a changed copy of the IOK file that needs to be returned to the server-side (replacing the Master Report IOK) in order for all distributed copies to be refreshed.

    If someone needs to make persistent, refreshable edits to the Master Report IOK file(s), they must have a Desktop Edition or better. If you manage the refresh and distribution of the Master Report IOK file(s) saved with an enabling ServerPlus license, then all the files distributed in free Viewers will auto-refresh all changes from the server-side Master Report IOK, even while open.
  •     enrico68 June 11, 2013 11:43AM
    Tom... Thanks for the documentation. We are configuring our server/publishing environment following the reference architecture proposed.

    We are now able to let the users save their .iok documents and filter configurations without loosing possibility to refresh data.

    Thanks, Enrico


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