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Map view: directed flows origin and destination? - Visokio Forums
Map view: directed flows origin and destination?
  • Pascal     Pascal May 19, 2013 9:48PM
    I would like to plot on a map a city of origin, a city of destination and a quantity of products shipped from one to the other. I attached a sample file (of course, I'll change the cities to their respective coordinates). I tried to use the "connect markers", I don't see how I can do that. Can you help?

    PS: I added a screenshot of what I would expect it looks like.
    sample.jpg 17K
    result.jpg 264K
  •     richard May 20, 2013 10:15AM
    Hi Pascal

    There are 2 methods for handling this type of data (Connect Markers & Point Overlay Spider Plots).

    I have uploaded an example using Connect Markers. This functionality requires that the origin and destination locations use the same 2 fields. We use another field 'Route ID' to model the relationship between origin and destination. This field is then used to join the markers in Connect Markers after de-pivoting the locations.

    I have outlined some of the advantages/disadvantages of the 2 approaches for your scenario:

    Connect Markers
    - (Advantage) Origins and destination markers/lines will all update when you reload from your data source.
    - (Disadvantage) The dataset must be de-pivoted which might not be desirable for other views and the overall visualisation.

    Point Overlay Spider Plots
    - (Advantage) The dataset can remain in its current format
    - (Disadvantage) If the destination locations change then the overlay layer must be manually reloaded and configured. This will be changed in 2.9 to automatically update the overlay layer.

    I can model a spider plot version of this if you would like.


    example.iok 13K
  • Pascal     Pascal May 20, 2013 2:10PM
    Hi Richard,

    It worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!
    No need for the spider, it's not an issue to change the data format.

  •     paola May 29, 2013 2:09PM
    This is a snapshot from the example file posted above.
    Routing.JPG 159K


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