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Table View: Grouping value functions options? - Visokio Forums
Table View: Grouping value functions options?
  •     enrico68 April 19, 2013 4:39AM
    I'd like to know if it's possible to use a sort of 'formula result' option (instead of the predefined grouping value functions) in a table with option 'show summary rows for each level' activated.

    Please, for details consider the example in the attached file.

  •     paola April 19, 2013 5:50AM
    If you wish to divide totals of your fields, rather than add up results of individual divisions, you can add a small summary in a Content View, and use formula:
    SUBSET_SUM([Field A])
    SUBSET_SUM([Field B])
  •     enrico68 April 19, 2013 6:01AM
    Paola - My example is a very small portion of the table. I attached it only as a 'mathematical' example of the problem. So I'd like to find a solution in the Table View.
  •     enrico68 April 19, 2013 9:15AM
    I attach a picture of the full table.
    The part included in the red box is the part that I've used for my previous example.
    table example.jpg 590K
  •     paola April 19, 2013 9:46AM
    Enrico, please see the attached file and confirm if it returns desired result?
    If you change the formula calculation precedence settings under
    Tools > Formulas > Calculate formula field results for group result values
    then the total for the formula field should divide the totals of the two other fields.
    Grouping Subtotals.iok 10K


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