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DataManager: Editing changes made inside Omniscope block? - Visokio Forums
DataManager: Editing changes made inside Omniscope block?
  • Alfonso     Alfonso April 7, 2013 1:45PM
    Hi - I've repeatedly had issues in the refresh process during the Modelling phase, past changes in the model have been saved in the log as an evolution scripts of the model and in some cases causes phantom circular references, because seems that the system recreate all of logged steps in the data refresh process.

    However, if you want to clean it, the cleaning process causes the loss of configuration of graphics and grids and formulas. Attached you can find examples and suggestions of how to avoid this kind of issues.

    Many thanks in advance, Alfonso
    RefreshMode issues.pptx 547K
  •     chris April 8, 2013 1:11PM
    Hi Alfonso,

    Thanks for this information and taking the time to prepare the PowerPoint document.

    I agree it can get messy when refreshing data when Omniscope has a lot of changes to apply. One of the ways that we recommend managing this is to make as many changes as possible in DataManager.

    DataManager makes it much easier to maintain and diagnose any problems as a result of changes in your input data. So rather than create formulas in DataExplorer, create them in a Field organiser block in a DataManager workflow. If you click the "Tools" button at the bottom of the Field organiser and click "Import formulas" you can import one or more formulas from a selected IOK file. You could use this to import all the formulas that were previously created in DataExplorer. Likewise, make your data-type changes ("Text->Date" etc.) in a Field Organiser block. Remember that you can use multiple field organisers, perhaps doing different jobs if there are a lot of changes.

    In most cases you can do ALL your work in DataManager, and there is really no need to do things in DataExplorer unless your file is very simple. Things can get very confusing if you do some of the work in DataManager and some of the work in DataExplorer so try and avoid this too.

    It can take a bit of time to migrate changes to DataManager, but in the long run it will definitely be worthwhile!
  •     chris April 9, 2013 7:00AM
    Here are some additional features we are hoping to implement in Omniscope 2.8 to improve this process following a review of your document and further discussions within the team.

    - Automatically discard multiple "set formula" actions that are applied to the same field in sequence. In this case we only need to apply the last action.

    - Investigation of the "Circular references" issue. We may add an option to suppress the dialog after it has been shown once. We will also see whether it is possible to add more information on WHY there are circular references.

    - We intend to improve the list of actions shown inside the Omniscope block to show information such as formulas, field types etc.

    - We would like to add an option that automatically converts all of the actions inside your Omniscope block into a DataManager workflow. This would make it much easier to migrate your changes from DataExplorer to DataManager.

    Please let us know if you have any comments/questions/ideas. I'll keep you posted as we implement this new functionality.
  •     chris April 29, 2013 12:51PM

    To update. We have now implemented an optimisation of the list of actions shown in the Omniscope block. Multiple continuous set formula actions are now discarded.

    We have added more information in the case of circular references. An error message is still shown, but details of the circular reference is now shown.

    We have improved the Omniscope block to provide much more information. For example, in a set formula action we now show the formula and data type.

    All of these features are available in the latest version of Omniscope 2.8 (b876).

    We are postponing the option to convert all actions inside your Omniscope block into a DataManager until early 2.9.

    Please let us know if you have any feedback.

  • Alfonso     Alfonso April 29, 2013 2:10PM
    Hi - Good work, the new messages help to understand where is the error, also the simplification of continuous entries reduce the scope for finding the error. I also suggest some (I think ) easy ways to help more inside the Omniscope block:
    - Allow user to order by name and date.
    - Filter by name.
    - Clean history selectively or by pre-selection ( by flag).

  • Cheyam October 24, 2016 6:05AM
    Hi Omniscope team and Chris,

    Are there any updates on if the plan to give the option to convert all operations in the OmniScope block into a datamanager (as said by Chris in his last post) was ever implemented. I am running the latest build of omni 2.9 and would like to use this if so.

  •     chris October 24, 2016 9:51AM
    Hi Chey,

    Unfortunately we do not plan on adding this feature in Omniscope 2.9.




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