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Idea: Table View - Export scrollable HTML/JS tables for web? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Table View - Export scrollable HTML/JS tables for web?
  • VoteVote Up1Vote Down     grahamb March 18, 2013 10:31AM
    How can I do an export to web browser from a tab containing a Table View but rather than just see the visible part of the Table View, export the full table of rows with a scroll bar on the web page so the user can view all the data. Right now there is only a screenshot of the visible data rows, not all the rows in the table? If it is a really big/long table then there should be a way to split output by a break field to multiple web pages
  •     tjbate March 20, 2013 7:24AM
    Graham - This issue comes up in hard copy printing as well as HTML/JS-only deployments confined to web browsers...

    Omniscope does support multi-page landscape visualisations using the multi-page document layout:

    Style > Layout method > Multi-page document > Edit Page settings >

    However, each table is confined to a single page with a scroll bar required to view all the rows, which works in Omniscope free Viewers, but not (yet) when deployed to browsers or exported as PDF/PowerPoint documents.

    At the moment, the best way to deploy multi-page tables to the web is to export the tables from Omniscope and generate the table as a web table.

    I have re-classified this as an Idea
  •     grahamb March 20, 2013 7:37AM
    Thanks thomas


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