Visokio Clients



A selection of our non-confidential clients.  Also see:  Partners  About Visokio 

General Electric - Data Analytics

 General Electric uses Omniscope to monitor machine operations data being generated and saved to better predict machine failures and program maintenance.   

Cairn Capital - Investment Mgt.

Cairn Capital, London hedge fund, has progressed from an initial desktop deployment integrating various data sources including Bloomberg, adding multiple desktops for portfolio selection and collateral management, and now have deployed a server-based Server Edition automating updates and reporting across a range of data sources.

“... we have a visually arresting way of selecting portfolios for our structured credit transactions. We can pick efficient collateral for a spread and rating target, in a fast and simple process...”

Group M - Advertising 


Group M agencies including MEC, Mindshare, MediaCom and others all use Omniscope to connect to many digital marketing sources, integrate and analyse client data and assemble highly-visual client reports and dashboards.


Credit Suisse - Help Desk


Credit Suisse uses Omniscope for global reporting on help desk trouble tickets and to manage the rolling administration and upkeep of all desktops globally, by application and user.



Colgate - Consumer Goods


Colgate use Omniscope to analyze data for product category and channel management. 


Belden - Manufacturing

Belden use Omniscope to extract and analyze data from their regional ERP packages and create interactive reports for sales and management.

Xerox - Human Resources

 Xerox uses Omniscope to analyze and present Human Resources data internally

Weightmans - Law firm

Weightmans use Omniscope to register, track and administer claims relating to large-scale litigation on behalf of large client groups.

DHL - Transport & logistics


DHL Consulting uses Omniscope to track and optimise logistics networks for DHL internally and for their external clients.


Lloyds & Clarksons - Shipping

 Lloyds Register uses Omniscope to track, analyze and filter information about ships in the general world fleet  
 Clarksons also uses Omniscope to prepare and analyse their comprehensive information on the worlds ships and ports to help cargoes find the right ships.  

 BP & Faroe Petroleum - Oil Exploration & Production

 Faroe Petroleum uses Omniscope together with ESRI Arc GIS to organise and cross-reference geophysical information incuding well sites, well logging data and much more.  

 BP uses Omniscope in Alaska to register and track logistics associated with operating and maintaining the Alaska pipeline.  

Capita - Consulting & Spend Analysis

 Capita uses Omniscope for client consulting projects, including spend analysis and decision support dashboards for purchasing managers.  

Philips - Supply Chain Tracking

 Philips uses Omniscope to track and optimise aspects of the supply chain for various products the manufacture and deliver.  

Aviva - Insurance

  Aviva uses Omniscope to track and optimise purchasing across business units.  

Investec - Investment and Commercial Banking


Investec uses Omniscope for over 7 years to support a wide range of investment banking activites, as well as commercial banking activities such as mortgage servicing, securities packaging and risk management.




None of these images indicates an endorsement by the company concerned; but each has purchased, or continues to purchase, products and/or services from us.