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Welcome! Please read this first. - Visokio Forums
Welcome! Please read this first.
  • admin February 18, 2009 2:05PM

    Welcome to the Visokio Omniscope Forums.


    These forums are for support queries, ideas/suggestions, announcements, and other public discussions relating to Visokio Omniscope. These forums are actively monitored by Visokio and are your first port-of-call for support.


    While Visokio actively monitors these forums, this is a publicly editable site and Visokio cannot be held responsible for the material within it.

    Posting guidelines

    • Before posting, please search (using the search box at the top right) to look for existing discussions and online documentation relating to your query.
    • You must register or sign in before posting comments or new discussions.
    • You can add comments to existing discussions. To create a new discussion, click Start a new discussion, top-right.
    • Please post support queries in the Support category, ideas for improvements to Omniscope in the Ideas category, and tips for other users in the Power tips category.
    • To participate in Development discussions you must first request to upgrade to alpha-partner status by sending a message to Support

    Voting for ideas

    • Discussions in the Ideas category allow voting when you are signed in.
    • To post a new idea, click here.
    • Ideas can be voted up or down once using the arrows at the top of the discussion, or using the arrows in the index page.
    • Visokio will use voting data to prioritise new feature development.

    Private posts

    • This is a public forum, although your name and email address will not be shown to others unless you explicitly choose otherwise.
    • Please note that all file attachments are public.
    • If the content of your post is private, send a message to "Support".

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