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Thousands separator formatting : Commas in numbers
  • Cheyam October 10, 2017 5:49AM
    Hi Omniscope,

    Is there a way to stop Omniscope from putting commas in every single number field interpreted by every block in the application?

    - I have an R block in which output_data contains a number of integer columns. When they are retrieved from the R dataframe and processed in Omni theyre all get given commas. There are too many fields of differing types to go in and manually remove the commas from each integer field.
    - When you have integers over three digits and try merge with another field without commas in the numbers the ones with commas do not merge with the ones without commas.
    - When I have this fairly simple formula:'=COUNTIF(A:A,A' & (CURRENTROW()+ 2) & ')' in a field organizer I am returned with =COUNTIF(A:A,A1,071). (I know its sloppy to inject excel formulae like this but bear with me)

    If I asked colleagues of mine they would agree that the frustrations and issues caused by this feature are multiples of this. Is there any way this can be addressed? Commas in numbers is a display feature and shouldnt exist in the datamanager. A suitable solution would be to stop the application putting commas in all formulae by default.

    Thank you,
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  •     steve October 10, 2017 12:21PM
    Hi Chey, thanks for the feedback.

    Omniscope 3.0, or 2.9 / Classic?

    In Omniscope thousand separator *is* a display property. It's only when the number is *converted to text* that the commas become "realised".

    So regarding your 3 bullets:
    1 - getting a comma here is only a display property. It should still be a numeric field - please confirm.
    2 - are you merging a numeric field with another numeric field, or is one side typed as text? Please clarify. The former should work regardless of thousand separator. The latter is something we will need to develop a fix for.
    3 - try '=COUNTIF(A:A,A' & TEXTVALUE(CURRENTROW()+ 2, '#') & ')' (unfortunately we can't change the output of a long-established formula function like CURRENTROW without risking breaking all sorts of existing customer workflows).

    Identify exactly at what points Omniscope is modelling a number as a number, and that number gets turned into a text value. It's this point that the problem lies, and if you clarify this we'll endeavour to think of a universal solution.

    Meanwhile as a workaround, the new "Bulk field organiser" block is a great way of making bulk configuration changes to a set of fields. You can either pick specific fields, or define rules such as "All numeric fields" or "Fields with name beginning 'ID'".



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