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Open and edit .iok files directly from browser in SharePoint 2013 - Visokio Forums
Open and edit .iok files directly from browser in SharePoint 2013
  • saintmarino October 5, 2017 9:14AM
    Hi, there is a requirement from our client, who are using .iok files in SharePoint 2013.

    In previous version of SharePoint 2007, they would simply open these files directly by clicking on them, making necessary changes, and saving them directly in SharePoint. However, this does not work in SharePoint 2013.

    When users click the file, they get options to Save and Cancel, which does not serve the purpose. We have tried adding the file extension .iok and the MIME type "application/octet-stream" in IIS, and allowing the same to be opened directly from browser by running the following powershell script:-

    $webApplication = Get-SPWebApplication "our web application name"

    This does allow users to open the file directly in Omniscope, but they are unable to save the changes they make back to SharePoint. Kindly assist.

    There is a second requirement, where we do not want to allow any other file type to be opened from browser other than .iok files. However, using the MIME type "application/vnd.visokio.omniscope-iok" does not work, we need to use "application/octet-stream". Any suggestions?


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