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Omniscvope v3, mysql on Mac - Visokio Forums
Omniscvope v3, mysql on Mac
  • aknotts     aknotts August 4, 2017 4:11AM
    I am trying to test the latest build of Omniscope v3 against mysql on my mac. We are looking to move from MS Sql Server so my mysql knowledge is zero! I get an error "The database jar file is not configured. Please configure and reconnect"

    I have downloaded the JAR but don't know where to put it or how to get it on my path.

    Any help gratefully received.


  •        daniel August 4, 2017 12:51PM

    NVM, I haven't seen the db connector on v3 to comment
  •     mustafa August 4, 2017 2:54PM
    To configure the database drivers in 3.0 you need to go to admin web app and then go to Server Admin App (link at the bottom of the list directory page), and then click to "Database configurations".

    On the page you can choose your database and upload the appropriate drivers.

    I hope that helps.


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