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Data source: RSS feed fails to update in Server Scheduler - Visokio Forums
Data source: RSS feed fails to update in Server Scheduler
  • PaulAllison July 5, 2017 9:43AM
    Hi - I'm testing out the scheduler option in Omniscope Server and have built a simple IOK file pointing to the BBC News RSS feed which is scheduled to update every hour and collect the latest stories -

    The stories update with no problems in the IOK file DataManager file (using the desktop software), and also when setting up the scheduled event (in the server app), but when it subsequently tries to run in the scheduler I see the following error in the event log

    2017-07-05T08:31:37Z,BBC News,Started,,
    2017-07-05T08:31:37Z,BBC News,Error,Update & Save BBC News,"Could not execute action: Error: va4e: Production error in BlockBlueprint-vei ""Field organiser"": com.visokio.vbam: com.visokio.va4e: Production error in BlockBlueprint-vei ""Append"": com.visokio.vbam: com.visokio.va4e: Production error in BlockBlueprint-ve5 ""Custom RSS/Atom feed""-Custom RSS/Atom feed-Custom RSS/Atom feed: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndFeedImpl"
    2017-07-05T08:31:37Z,BBC News,Warning,Update & Save BBC News,Action completed successfully with warnings
    2017-07-05T08:31:37Z,BBC News,Ended,,

    Does anyone know of a reason why this would fail under scheduler when it works OK during setup? The Visokio Enterprise service is running under my name and license number. I've also tested the file OK in the desktop software installed on another machine with a different license.


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