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SSAS Cubes: support for Data Connector in 3.0? - Visokio Forums
SSAS Cubes: support for Data Connector in 3.0?
  • VoteVote Up1Vote Down AlexD June 28, 2017 3:33AM
    The present OLAP connector in Omniscope classic does not seem to be reliable, such as only being able to return a small number of dimensions and measures, requiring an entire refresh each time the source block is expanded and the selected dimensions and measures often appear to be deselected while the block is refreshing.

    Most people in our organisation will reconcile their work to SSAS Cubes, and we have often needed to make workarounds to report the same data, such as replicating the Cube from the underling Warehouse. This creates heartbreaking duplication of logic and exposes us to the risk of missing out logic built between the Warehouse and Cube.

    It would be good to know if SSAS Cubes will be a supported connector in Omniscope 3.0.

  •        daniel June 28, 2017 5:12AM
    Might be worth exploring if other ways to connecting to OLAP is viable.

    Possibly try using a jdbc replacement and configure either the database connector or write something in Java

    Or try making some R code instead:
  • AlexD June 28, 2017 5:37AM
    Thanks for your reply daniel, I'll take a look into the workarounds you have listed out for Omniscope Classic.

    Hopefully Omniscope 3.0 would be able to accommodate for OLAP connectors internally, so that we won't have to continue to rely on making reports using workarounds.

    I am also aware that PowerBI is able to report off SSAS Cubes as well, but PowerBI is primarily a visualisation tool and is not designed for ETL as Omniscope is. But, perhaps a combination of the tools may be necessary.

  •     chris June 28, 2017 5:43AM
    Hi Alex/Daniel,

    Thanks for your questions/comments. The OLAP connector in Omniscope classic is not ideal. We may develop an OLAP connector in Omniscope 3, however this is not currently planned in the short term.

    With regards to the JDBC replacement, this is the method we use to extract data in Omniscope classic. It was selected at the time because it can be used to pull data from a variety of different OLAP vendors (Oracle, Microsoft etc). Unfortunately it does not work "out of the box" (the setup process is fairly complex involving linking with msmdpump.dll), and can be quite slow depending on the query. The only other option for pulling data from an OLAP server required developing a custom connector for each vendor using a lower-level API.

    When/if we do develop an OLAP connector in Omniscope 3 we probably need to find a better solution than the MDX/JDBC route. It may be that we do need to develop custom connectors for separate vendors, or there may be another solution (possibly using R). In any case I don't think the development of a future OLAP connector will be straightforward and may take some time. We have therefore postponed the development of the connector until there is sufficient demand, and even if this demand exists we need to ensure that we can fulfill the requirements of all our users in a reasonable timescale.

    If this is something you require urgently or would like to discuss further please feel free to contact us directly.

  • AlexD June 28, 2017 12:33PM
    Hi Chris,

    Will Microsoft R ( ) be supported in Omniscope 3.0?

  • dan        dan June 29, 2017 6:30AM
    Hi Alex,

    We don't currently support Microsoft R but it's not too much work to do, I'll make sure we support it soon and get back to you when we do.

  • AlexD June 29, 2017 8:20AM
    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your reply. Microsoft R will be useful; it's a prerequisite of the workaround in R that Daniel noted earlier.

  •        daniel June 29, 2017 4:22PM
    Are you using SSAS to run some sort of dynamic query? If not and its mostly straightforward, you could get Microsoft R to to write out the results of the OLAP queries into a data file for Omniscope to pick up. Obviously it's adding an extra step but its just a thought or something to consider until it is supported properly.


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