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Import most recent file in folder
  • AndyDDUK March 17, 2017 11:51AM
    hi there,

    Newbie here...what connector do I need, and how do i specify it, so that it reads the latest file from a folder on the network or on FTP?

    Many thanks

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  •     paola March 17, 2017 1:19PM

    Here is the suggested process (you can accomplish this in either 2.9+ or 3.0):
    Drag MetaData (or File Attributes) block and point it to the folder with files.
    Use Sort block to sort on the Date field, using descending order
    Add Record filter, where Record number =1
    Use Batch Append block and point it to the same folder. You may wish to narrow down the search by using the asterisk functionality, so only pick files that contain certain word e.g. "sales" or have .csv extension. Tick the option to create a source field without the extension.
    Merge the two branches on the Filename.

    Here is the workflow online
    PickLatestFile.JPG 32K


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