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DoubleClick connector issues
  •     chris January 26, 2017 4:10AM

    Recently a number of our users have reported problems with the DoubleClick connector. Users have been reporting seeeing an |"Authorization error" or "Invalid credentials" when executing reports. We have been liasing with DoubleClick support to investigate and resolve these problems.

    We have managed to identify the issue. DoubleClick reports have been taking longer to execute, this is due to an increased load on the DoubleClick server and is not an Omniscope issue. When Omniscope submits a DoubleClick report to the server it obtains a token. This token is used for polling the server and to download the report once it has been generated. The token expires after one hour, which means any subsequent communication with the server will be rejected with an error message similar to those described above. We will be updating the DoubleClick connector so that we request a new token every hour, allowing long-running reports to execute successfully.

    We will also implement a fix to decrease the interval that we poll the DoubleClick server when requesting the status of a report, as each poll uses some of your daily quota.

    We should have these fixes completed by the end of this week. I'll provide an update once they are available.

    In the meantime apologies for any issues that you may have been having with this connector.

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  •     chris January 30, 2017 9:01AM

    We implemented a fix on Friday, and this should be uploaded to our website in a private release. We will ask a couple of customers to test this with some of their own reports before we integrate it into the main release. Please contact us if you want to test this and we will send you the download link.



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