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Text processing: Separating Integers from Strings
  • aa1708 November 10, 2016 4:43AM
    I have a field called "SIC Code & Desc" as seen in the image below. It contains value with both numbers and strings, how can I strip the numbers from those that have numbers in them and keep all values to be string?
    Omniscope_Forum.JPG 16K
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  •     paola November 10, 2016 5:17AM
    If the structure of the dataset is consistent (the cell contains either a string or number followed by space/dash/space) you could first expand the values, then use IF formula to gather the text values in one field.
    Another useful tip:
    If you want to see if the first character of a string is a text or a number, you can use the following function in a formula field:

    TYPEOF(value(left([my_string], 1)))

    This returns the type of the argument passed to it (e.g. text, decimal, integer)


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