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Problem with PDF visualization in iOS 10
  •     enrico68 September 16, 2016 4:10AM
    Recently our company passed to iOS 10 on portable devices (iphone and ipad).

    After passing to this OS all the PDF produced and exported by Omniscope are not visible anymore when using Apple internal PDF visualizer, that is the standard used here.
    PDF were perfectly visible on previous version of iOS (9.x) and can still be opened in Acrobat Reader also on iOS 10.

    Do you have some ideas about this issue?

    I attach a print of the PDF export settings and an example of the PDF that cannot be opened any more.
  •     steve September 16, 2016 8:51AM
    Enrico, we are not aware of this issue. Try adjusting the PDF settings to see if one specific setting is the problem. Perhaps you can work around it.

    What does it look like? Blank? Can you attach a photo of your iDevice?

    You should raise an error report with Apple, because most likely there is a bug in iOS 10 PDF rendering which is causing this.
  •     enrico68 September 16, 2016 9:04AM

    the problem seems to be due to the fact that Omniscope uses PDF compatibility level 1.4 and the new iOS 10 support only compatibility level 1.5 (no more 1.4).
    We solved the problem using gswin64.exe as post production command forcing the output PDF compatibility level to 1.5.
    In this way we also had an improvement in PDF dimensions reduction.


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