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Blank spaces at the end of cell text causes the row lenth to differ - Visokio Forums
Blank spaces at the end of cell text causes the row lenth to differ
  • TZABACK July 28, 2016 10:43AM
    The row lenth of my output cells differs in lenth as the trailing spaces are dropped. How can I maintain the text length including blank leading and ending spaces on rows.
  •     paola July 28, 2016 1:31PM
    Omniscope does not allow invisible differences between cell values. Please explain what exactly you're trying to achieve and what is the purpose of the empty characters before/after the cell text?
  • TZABACK July 28, 2016 1:39PM
    I am trying to consolidate multiple files using omniscope. The data is in a text file with 676 characters. If the last field is blank, the file may only have 670 characters. We have a Peoplesoft Import process that fails as there are too few fields in the file. I need omniscope to output blank spaces at the end of the file so that the row length is always 676 characters.
  •     chris August 2, 2016 9:28AM

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible in Omniscope. It is possible to read a fixed width file, but we don't provide support for writing a fixed width file. This is something we will consider implementing in the next version of DataManager. Please get in touch with us if this is an urgent requirement.

    In the meantime I think your best option would be to export the data as CSV and write a small script or program to format the data as appropriate.

    I've had a quick look and it appears that PeopleSoft does support standard CSV (see:, so it may be still possible to import the data directly, I would certainly be surprised if it didn't support it.




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