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Mobile: Browser versions-user session timeout? - Visokio Forums
Mobile: Browser versions-user session timeout?
  •     acohen February 26, 2016 9:26AM
    Out IT security has raised a concern with reporting through Omnimobile. Is it possible to configure the sessions so that if a browser is inactive for a period of time then a session timeout is triggered?

    Many thanks,
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  •     steve February 29, 2016 4:22AM
    Omniscope uses HTTP Basic Authentication, which when combined with HTTPS is a simple but secure solution. However the HTTP Basic Authentication protocol doesn't allow for timeout.

    We plan to develop support for session-based authentication in future. Meanwhile if this is essential you must use a 3rd party solution to provide authentication instead of Omniscope. This entails disabling all Omniscope security options (i.e. giving anonymous all necessary permissions), disabling external access to Omniscope, and instead using a HTTP security reverse proxy like Keycloak to provide your security layer.


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