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Consultants: Looking for Omniscope-related roles
  •        daniel January 24, 2016 11:19AM
    I'm on the look out for new opportunities, I'm open to any type of work part-time/freelance or full time and really just looking for anything with interesting data challenges. I would like to find a more long term role, but happy to fill in short term contracts or if you would like someone for training or a consultant to help better deploy Omniscope.

    I've been an Omniscope user for some 5+ years now (even have this nifty little "expert" title) and offer a lot of experience in using the tool as well as rounded analysis and visualisation skills. Area-wise I've worked analysing retail location for the UK (good with postcode type data) and more recently with digital media data and quite familiar with many of the API connectors in Omniscope (DoubleClick, Flashtalking & Sizmek). However I'm a quick study and adapt as well as Omniscope does to any type of data giving a little time to explore it. Ideally I am looking for London-based work.

    Other skills
    - Economics background
    - Exposure to GIS software
    - Some SQL experience

    Here's some general interest examples mostly of data visualisations I have made in Omniscope over the years:

    Even if you don't know of any opportunities, feel free to add me if you are just interested in making more connections:

    Also for those Users here who are unaware, there is a LinkedIn Omniscope Professionals Group that is User-managed, but it's been neglected for some time:
  •     Steve_Randall February 24, 2016 4:09AM
    Hello Daniel
    Could you let me have your phone number please, I'd be interested in a chat about possible opportunities helping Talysis
    07802 641441
  •        daniel February 24, 2016 6:21AM
    Thanks, Replied via email


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