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Web View: Embed self-hosted video files?
  • Dibbhead May 6, 2010 8:19AM
    Hi there- I am creating a client presentation demonstrating advertising of competitors and I have my filter as the competitor title. I have embeded images into the file to demonstrate press and magazine ads. I have created a web link to demonstrate online video ads which are hosted on an open webpage.

    However, my stumbling block is adding some video files of TV ads which I have had to download. Is there a way I can embed these video files or could you even suggest somewhere I could web host them and link back to Omniscope in the same way I have for the online video ads mentioned earlier?

    Swift reply would be greatly appreciated as I need to finish the presentation tomorrow (7th May)

    Thanks, Martin Dibbs
  •     steve May 6, 2010 1:56PM
    While you can't embed video files directly within an IOK file, you can use a Web view and a hosted video. Just add a Web view and enter the correct address of the video into the address bar. This is only currently available for 32-bit installations, so if you see "x64" in the window titlebar, you need to install and start the 32-bit version (remember to deactivate first if you do this).
  • Dibbhead May 6, 2010 2:34PM
    Hi there,

    Thanks for your reply....I thought I could host on youtube or similar site but as I am looking at advertisements, I am posting copyrighted content so this can't work for me unfortunately. I'll need to look at some other site to host on.

  •     mustafa May 6, 2010 2:56PM
    If you have your videos hosted on the YouTube, then you can use the embedded YouTube service that Omniscope comes with to play them within Web View.

    To add a YouTube web service, click on Link button on the Web View toolbar and then choose YouTube under the web service heading.

    See the attached file to for an example.

    I hope this helps.
  • Dibbhead May 6, 2010 3:03PM

    That would work or I could even create a basic web link but the issue I have is uploading copyright content onto youtube.


  • Dibbhead May 6, 2010 3:12PM
    Yeah it's an annoying thing just based on the content i'm working with, probably lucky I spotted the Youtube copyright message!

    Thanks for the swift replies as always guys.

  •     steve May 7, 2010 6:01AM
    You may also be able to host the videos on a network share and experiment with defining a local link to them (in the Settings > This file > Links menu), and using the web view still. This may or may not work depending on whether your system is configured to allow those videos to play within the browser.
  •     paola February 13, 2013 10:12AM
    Please see the attached demo file that enables videos to play inside the Content View, or inside the Web View.
    Dynamic link is also demonstrated, so that different videos appear inside one View as a result of record selection/filtering.
  •     tjbate February 13, 2013 10:47AM
    Martin - Some folder/file synch services like DropBox have web-facing Public folders where you can 'host' the videos via DropBox, then embed the links in Omniscope. Alternatively, tell Group M what you want to do and see if they can replicate this free DropBox functionality in MS SharePoint...


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