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Notification when latest JAR is available to download? - Visokio Forums
Notification when latest JAR is available to download?
  • gchan September 17, 2015 5:52PM
    How can I get notification when latest jar is available to download? Does Visokio have auto email notification to users?

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  •     tjbate September 18, 2015 6:14AM
    I assume you are still using Java Web Start to deploy bundles of IOK files with free Viewer installers as single Java .JAR files.

    If so, you should know that this deployment method depends on the Java version installed by each different recipient. There are now so many different versions of Java installed that it is not possible to standardise the custom JAR feature set across all potential Java versions your clients may have.

    The latest version of the JAR is for Java 8 but that will be the last. The Custom JAR deployment option will not be supported in Omniscope versions past 2.9.

    You have Server licenses which enable you to continue to refresh and ship IOK files to users with free Viewers installed, and host HTML5/Javascript versions to share with subscribers using devices that do not support Java, such as iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks.


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