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Sources: Database ODBC support on Java 8
  •     chris August 13, 2015 9:34AM

    We recently integrated Java 8 into Omniscope 2.9 and 2.9 Plus:

    Oracle, the developers of Java, have removed ODBC support in Java 8. As such if you have any ODBC database source/output blocks they will no longer work. If you try to run these blocks you will currently see the following error message:

    Unable to connect to database. The JDBC driver file(s) are either currently unavailable or not correctly configured

    We will improve this error message shortly, but you will need to update these blocks using one of the following options:

    Option 1: In the "Select database" drop-down, check to see whether your database is listed as one already supported by Omniscope. If it is, simply select this option and configure accordingly.

    Option 2: If your database is NOT supported you will need to use the "JDBC (Advanced)" database option. After selecting this option you will need to download and configure the Driver jar path. These can typically be downloaded from the database vendor's website and will be files with a ".jar" extension. You should search for "JDBC driver" on the vendors website. If you have any problems finding the driver please contact the vendor directly. The driver should provide instructions for configuring the Driver class and the JDBC URL. Please let us know if you encounter any database that is not currently supported by default in Omniscope and we will consider adding it.

    If you have any problems migrating your ODBC database blocks using one of these options please let us know.



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