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Upgrading to Windows 10 - Visokio Forums
Upgrading to Windows 10
  • aknotts     aknotts August 10, 2015 7:03AM
    Are there any known issues with Omniscope running on Windows 10?


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  •     tjbate August 10, 2015 7:09AM

    Not so far. I have both Omniscope 2.9 (all users) and 3.0 (current user) installed on both my formerly Windows 7 desktop and laptop machines. The automatic upgrade to Windows 10 preserved all activations, and no problems found so far...

    The principal issue noticed so far (nothing to do with Omniscope) is that local corporate machine accounts defined on the LAN with file shares and mapped drives should not be confused with personal Microsoft accounts defined by your Microsoft Live ID/e-mail and synched to your other personal devices by Microsoft. One is a (local) corporate account, the other your personal Microsoft consumer account...


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