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Export: Excel Sharepoint existing vs new worksheet file? - Visokio Forums
Export: Excel Sharepoint existing vs new worksheet file?
  •        benjamin August 10, 2015 6:33AM
    I have a series of Omniscope files which run sequentially and export in each file multiple output blocks to varying location on Sharepoint. Each block is using "Replace Data" and "Excel Direct".

    My problem is that when exporting the data it sometimes creates a new worksheet for the export instead of exporting to the excel file on Sharepoint.

    For instance i have one Omniscope file and i have three (3) blocks exporting to the same Excel file on Sharepoint. These blocks sometimes export to the Excel file and sometimes create their own new Excel file.

    I have looked at version history on Sharepoint and for instance the first two block publish ok and then the last block will just publish to a newly created Excel file and save it on Sharepoint.

    Thanks, Ben
  •     tjbate September 4, 2015 5:58AM
    Ben - We cannot reproduce this. Given that the problem is intermittent and involves operations performed using Excel inside Sharepoint, I suspect it has something to do with the target Excel file being locked or in use at key moments, which is outside of Omniscope's control, and may be caused by either Excel or SharePoint. Have you discussed this with your SharePoint administrator? There may be timeouts or other file locking settings in play? Is the target Excel worksheet also set to refresh from some other source? This can cause locking by Excel.

    Given that Omniscope Server processes are all automated, you could try a workaround involving exporting the 3 separate output blocks as individual CSV files, then creating a new separate Omniscope data flow sequence to read all those Excel/csv sources, integrate them and output/overwrite a single templated Excel file. This will be simpler to troubleshoot inside SharePoint at least.

    Multiple sequential writes into the same Excel spreadsheet being managed inside a Sharepoint environment involve trying to coordinate 3 separate applications; Omniscope, Excel & Sharepoint...
  •     paola September 4, 2015 6:55AM
    It would be useful to establish whether this is a SharePoint issue or Omniscope Excel publishing problem.
    Could you please try to publish the same file locally and confirm the outcome? Do you still get a new worksheet?


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