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Deployment: Rendering HTML5 browser versions inside your own iFrames (2.9 Plus) - Visokio Forums
Deployment: Rendering HTML5 browser versions inside your own iFrames (2.9 Plus)
  • antonio     antonio July 29, 2015 6:47AM
    From version 2.9 Alpha Plus you can control permissions on rendering the Mobile app in an iframe.

    The option "Allow render in any iframe" is by default unticked, that means Omniscope will only allow the current site/domain to frame the content.
    This is the case you have a web server serving your web page at e.g. and you embed Omniscope Mobile into an iframe provided that Omniscope is on the same domain (e.g. .

    If for instance your webserver is and you want to embed Omniscope Mobile running on a different server (e.g., than you will need to tick the "Allow render in any iframe" option to allow cross domain embedding of the Mobile app.

    Find the options in the "Permissions" section in the Omniscope Web Server settings.

    N.B. the option "Allow client to display embed option" should be set accordingly to the "Allow render in any iframe".
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  •     steve January 8, 2016 8:23AM
    If editing the server config XML directly:
    <mobilewebserver ... allowClientEmbedOption="true" allowRenderInAnyIframe="true" ... >
  •     steve February 24, 2016 8:44AM
    Quick guide to setting this up on Windows when running Omniscope Server 2.9 Plus as a logged-in application (not as a service):
    1. In the "Omniscope Server" window, under "Omniscope Web Server", click "Config" and expand "Permissions"
    2. Tick "Allow client to display embed option" and "Allow render in any ". Save and apply
    3. Browse to the web page listing files ("Serving at" link in the server window)
    4. Click the link to the file you want to embed
    5. Click the "3 dots" () menu at the top-right, and choose "Embed into HTML page".
    6. Copy the entire "..." text given into the HTML source somewhere within the BODY element of the container page on your own site. Customise the width/height as needed.


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