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Google Adwords - Importing their CSV output into Omniscope
  •        daniel June 8, 2015 6:50AM
    Just a tip following an email from Paola clarifying how to read Adwords (automated) csv reports.

    The csvs won't load just by dragging and loading in the DataManager space and results in the data coming out with weird symbols. This is because the csvs follow a different set of encoding, you will have to amend this by selecting "UTF-16LE" and change the separator value to "\t". Also make sure to set the Header row accordingly (should be 6, this may vary).

    See image below for what the configuration looks like, you can use the "Batch Append File" too but do check to make sure that the header rows are always on the same row number for each file.


    AdWCapture.PNG 66K
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  •     tjbate August 7, 2015 7:02AM
    The new Google Adwords direct API Connector is ready for testing in version 3.0 (alpha). If you would like to be an (alpha) tester, please post your interest here and we will upgrade your Forum account to Alpha Partner so you can see all version 3.0 discussion.


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