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Idea: Scheduler - Scheduled tasks finished successfully? - Visokio Forums
Idea: Scheduler - Scheduled tasks finished successfully?
  • VoteVote Up6Vote Down Alexander     Alexander March 18, 2015 10:12AM
    Hi All,

    We would like to introduce an idea. Working the Scheduler we would like to have an overview of all the tasks, the last scheduled run and if it was successful.

    Is there something available like that? Or could this be added to the wish list for future development?

    (Attached an image of a task list that shows the information we would like to see)
    history.jpg 73K
  • Alexander     Alexander March 24, 2015 2:57PM

    We are wondering if there is a solution of the situation stated above. Is there a workaround?
  •     steve March 25, 2015 6:45AM
    We've added a new log file of task events in CSV format which will allow you to maintain your own dashboard (e.g. in Omniscope Mobile itself).

    Install the hotfix and see "service_scheduler_task_event_log.csv" in the omniscope-server/logs folder, typically also served at http://localhost:48080/logs/scheduler_task_event_csv

    For example:

    Date,Task name,Event,Action,Detail
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task 2 ignored,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task 2 ignored,Warning,"Execute command ""badstuff2""",Action completed successfully with warnings
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task 2 ignored,Ended,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task,Error,"Execute command ""badstuff""",Could not execute action: Create Process error
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task,Warning,"Execute command ""badstuff""",Action completed successfully with warnings
    2015-03-25T10:35:01Z,Bad task,Ended,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:03Z,slow test,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:03Z,slow test 2,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:03Z,slow test 3,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:04Z,slow test 4,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:09Z,slow test,Ended,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:09Z,slow test 3,Ended,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:09Z,slow test 2,Ended,,
    2015-03-25T10:35:09Z,slow test 4,Ended,,
    2015-03-25T10:36:32Z,Watch folder: TestAction,Started,,
    2015-03-25T10:36:38Z,Watch folder: TestAction,Ended,,

    The hotfix is available here, and will be integrated into 2.9 Plus in a few weeks after feedback and testing:
  • Alexander     Alexander March 26, 2015 7:09AM
    Hi Steve, looks great.

    There is one aspect that I do miss in the overview. I do not see the tasks that are not started. Is there something like a task list that I can use to compare this "Checklist" with?
  •     steve March 27, 2015 2:13AM
    This log is for task *events*. If a task does not start because it is not scheduled to, there are no events. If a task does not start because it is too late, there will be an error event.

    I was under the impression you would want to monitor the success state of tasks, rather than audit the configuration of task schedules.
  • Alexander     Alexander March 27, 2015 4:59AM
    Hi Steve,

    Maybe we can talk it through in a short skype call?
  •     steve April 17, 2015 7:22AM
    This feature has been integrated into the next 2.9 Plus build (after b1625).


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